Stevie Wilson headshot.
Photo courtesy the author

Stevie Wilson

Essayist, Fiction Writer, Poet

2024 Fellow


Stevie Wilson is an imprisoned Black, queer, abolitionist organizer and multi-genre writer from Philadelphia. His work interrogates the meanings of freedom, community, belonging, identity, and truth. Wilson is rewriting a collection of essays that explore kinship and HIV/AIDS.

The first version of the original manuscript, which focuses on the period between 1993 and 2009 when Stevie worked in the AIDS-services field, was destroyed by prison guards. Wilson is the founder of the inside abolitionist study collective 9971 and is the founder of the abolitionist journal In The Belly. He was a 2022 Marvel Cooke Fellow.

Wilson has published numerous articles in print and online. His most recent work appears in Radical History Review, the Journal of American History, and the collection After Accountability: A Critical Genealogy of a Concept. Currently, he is a columnist for the Abolitionist, a newspaper published by Critical Resistance.